Oklahoma Teacher Makes Students Listen To Oldies & Reactions Are Priceless 

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One teacher from Oklahoma is teaching her students about the important stuff — Cher's music.

It's a new TikTok trend that teachers from around the country are trying. Step 1: Play an old song. Step 2: Let your students write their reactions down on a sticky note. Step 3: Laugh. Really, really hard.

Luna Scorpius (@lunascorpius), a teacher from Norman, joined in on the trend and played Cher's "Believe" for her fifth grade class. "I had my 5th graders listen to the #1 song when I was their age. Here is their feedback," she wrote in the caption. With the lyrics from the 1998 hit blaring in the background — "Do you believe in life after love?/I can feel something inside me say/I really don't think you're strong enough, no" — the 10 and 11 year olds weighed in. Here's a look at some of the funniest responses:

"Pretty good song! Like the fast beat!"
"It's a vibe :)"
"It is so cring"
"Not my favrit"
"At the first part it sounded like alien sounds"
"It was strange"
"The guy singing is really bad not that I can sing any better. It is fast but slow"
"It's a good song but I wouldn't choose to hear it every day"
"It okay but it feel like someone would listen to it at a sleepover in the 90s"

Scorpius also did the trend again — this time with TLC's "No Scrubs." You can watch that video and the "Believe" one below!

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